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Esports is not only the fastest growing sporting industry in the world but also one of the most global in its nature, and as such is subject to a wide and varied collection of risks. Whatever aspect of the eSports industry you are in, whether as a sponsor, event organiser, game developer, league or team, GSR can provide tailored and complex insurance solutions that will protect you against any of the unique risk which you may face. 


The GSR team is here to provide you with protection against all associated risks in hosting or organising a tournament. Whether that is for the property and equipment, liabilities surrounding the tournament including deadly weapons cover and for all contingency’s including cancellation, abandonment and non-attendance of special guests.

Team insurance

As an eSports team your suite of risks is different to that of other eSports businesses. GSR can provide protection for you, for your media and broadcasting liabilities brought about through streaming and vlogging, against financial loss following an injury, accident or illness and for the loss of sponsorship following libel or slander by a team member.

Cyber & tech insurance

Due to the nature of eSports cyber and technology based risks are two of the prevalent risks that organisations face. GSR can provide cover against a variety of situations including; technological failure, corporate identity theft, extortion, fund transfer fraud, indemnity of legal and regulatory costs and professional negligence.

GSR is very pleased to be an active member of UKIE, the only trade body for the UK Interactive Entertainment industry, making available our specialist insurance and risk management knowledge in the industry to the members.

GSR Esports

At GSR we are driven to support and help develop the eSports industry by providing you with the right insurance solution and as such we are proud members of UKie. We have spent time speaking to those in the eSports sphere to find out exactly what risks you are exposed to, so that our products are wholly suitable to you.

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