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Recent world events have cast huge doubt on the financial stability of many world famous football institutions with many clubs around the world teetering on the prospect of insolvency or profound restructuring. As advisors to international sporting markets Global Sporting Risks are driving a fresh and likely lasting approach to remuneration packages by introducing creatively packaged insurance solutions for players, managers and other support staff. In addition, GSR have the very best risk advisory services available to clubs, agents and footballing institutions.


GSR provides a range of creative solutions whether leveraging sponsors financial commitment or, protecting against an unexpected loss of a clients performance.


The global game requires players and their agents to protect both personal and commercial risks. At GSR we have products to support both eventualities.


The capability for clubs to creatively manage new and innovative player remuneration packages is at the heart of GSR’s approach to specialist product development.

Forever changed.

“The average English and indeed European lesser level clubs, will be dramatically effected by the loss of income during this tragic phase. To allow full time professional football to safeguard itself, our view is that reduced basic salaries will become the norm with much more emphasis placed upon leveraged bonus related packages for players, managers and additional support staff”

Martin Wright – Head of Division GSR


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