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Litigation Insurance

GSR provides innovative broking solutions to assist players, athletes, agents and management companies involved in various types of litigation, offering certainty in the event of an adverse outcome. This insurance protects the financial exposure of having to pay the other side’s legal costs in the event that the claimant is unsuccessful in their legal proceedings. We also work with Litigation Funders willing to support claimants with their own legal costs and can help arrange funding agreements.

Access to justice

A larger, wealthier defendant cannot simply outspend a claimant in an attempt to force a settlement. Having litigation insurance in place sends the message that the claimant is in the litigation for the duration, having already minimised the litigation costs risk.

Financial certainty

This insurance transfers the risk exposure of having to pay the other side’s legal costs in the event of an unsuccessful claim in exchange for a premium which can include insurance to cover a proportion of the client’s own legal fees and expenses.

Reinforced merits

The existence of litigation insurance provides an incentive for the other side to settle, as they will know the insurer conducted a separate analysis of the merits of the case in addition to the solicitor and counsel and agree it is a strong case. 

Our Services…

We are able to place insurance programs for various sports disputes, for example: 

  • Commercial
  • Regulatory and Disciplinary Disputes
  • Professional Negligence
  • Image Rights and Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Defamation
  • Tax Disputes
  • Talent Representation Disputes              
  • Group Actions


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